Are You Facing Foreclosure if
Your House Doesn't Sell Quickly?

Are You Facing Foreclosure if
Your House Doesn't Sell Quickly?

If you are facing foreclosure you likely don't have any equity, in which case we often can create a scenario where you can walk away from the property without ruining your credit. We can sometimes help even when your months behind on payments. We will help you in whatever way possible. If we are not able to buy your house, we will point you in the best direction by explaining all of your options and what the best course of action might be.

In order for us to evaluate your situation to see if your home qualifies for us to buy, you need to fill out the quick form below so a foreclosure expert can get in touch with you to review your property.

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Heres What Others are Saying

Liberty Home Buyers made selling our home fast and easy. They got us out of a bind with trying to sell our house after only owning it for one year. Thanks so much!

- Stephanie Frommeyer.

We received great service with this company. The selling of our home was made extremely easy. I would definitely recommend using this company if you need to sell your home quickly. There was no out-of-pocket expense and the entire process was completed within a week. Grade A service and knowledgeable staff. Everyone was very friendly.

- Susan Altizer

We were put into a bind, we had to sell our home quickly. We called Liberty Home Buyers. It sounded too good to be true. They walked us through the process, so we gave it a chance. They had our house sold with a month. We were very happy. I would recommend them to anybody who needs fast help.

- Daniel & Linda Bosch.