Why Pay Rent On A Home You Can't Own…

At Liberty Home Buyers, Inc. we take great pride in helping you experience the dream of homeownership. We ask that you give us a sizable down payment when getting started to show that you are serious about working toward purchasing one of our Clarksville, Tennessee homes. We will give you the right to buy the home at any time with our Rent-to-Own Program. You’d be making rent payments every month, but any money you pay on top of the rent each month comes off the total price of the home and gets you one step closer to becoming a homeowner. We even report to the credit bureaus*, so your monthly payment helps you build up your credit.

Perfect Credit is NOT Necessary

If you have these 4 things going for you, you may qualify…

1. Stable verifiable income
2. No active collections
3. No recent evictions in the last 3 years
4. A debt-to-income ratio of 41% or less including your new rent payment.

Just imagine, you could be just months away from being a homeowner!

That means…

• Your days of being a tenant will be over
• You’ll be one step closer to having the joy of ownership and can show off your new home to friends and family
• You can have the home of your dreams
• You can take tax deductions once your a home owner
• You’ll be improving your credit
• You lock in the price of the home
• You can have pets**, a fenced yard and play furniture for the kids

If you like one of the homes we have available, fill out the Credit Application at the bottom of the home's description, and one of our counselors will assist you in getting started. Don’t delay, because we have a very limited inventory of homes available for our Rent to Own program. So, as soon as you find a home you want, fill out the form at bottom of the home's description...

*Rent Track is the service we use to collect payments. It reports to all three credit bureaus.
**No dangerous breeds of dogs are allowed by our insurance company.

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