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Concerning Your House: I bet you didn’t know you could get away with this!
“How to get your house rented and even sold without dealing with landlord issues, Realtors® or property managers or even paying commissions”
Curious Yet? The good news is my offer will never cost you a dollar. I work for a reputable company and have verifiable experience. For certain people, my offer will be a huge relief. The bad news is, you may not qualify. Keep reading to learn why.

I‘ll make it brief, for the sake of your time. If you need more info after you read the summary, I’ll provide you with a link. I know this may seem a little unorthodox to you, but if you can put an ad out on a website looking for a renter, why can’t I build a webpage looking for a landlord? Just give it 2 minutes.

Don’t worry, there’s no sales pitch here. This letter is meant to “screen you out”…not “box you in”.

If you actually make it to the bottom of this letter…you’re phone will be burning a hole in your pocket to call me. When that happens, just fill out the form (to the right) and I’ll call you when I get a few minutes.

First, let me set the record straight.

  • I’m not Property Manager.
  • I’m not a Real Estate Agent.
  • I’m not trying to sell you anything at all!

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Dan Harvey. I’m one of the Acquisition Specialists for Liberty Home Buyers, Inc. all that means is I buy real estate for a living. LHB is a local real estate investment company in Clarksville. We’ve been in business for 13 years. If you like, you can read more about us on this site. We have have a real office (one of the houses we fixed up) and we are a real business – chartered in Tennessee.

I wrote the letter because when I make calls to folks like yourself with Craigslist postings, I get the same questions over and over. Because no one likes to repeat themselves, instead you get to read this. Then, you get to choose whether it fits you or not…would you have rather have had me interrupt your dinner with a phone call….I think not – me either.

You know who I am, but who are you really?

You posted the ad for a house to rent, but who are you really? Are you are a Realtor®, a broker, a property manager or an attorney managing an estate. If so, sorry this page isn’t for you, but you can click here.

If you are one of the thousand or so scammers from Zimbabwe or Denmark posting fake rental ads on Craigslist, then you can click here to report your self to INTERPOL. Or, if you happen to be a US based low-life, click here for the FTC.

This page is only for homeowners and landlords.

So, you’re not a ‘real estate professional’ and you’re not a con-artist, so that means you’re probably either a real estate investor or a landlord by default – right? A landlord by default is a person who couldn’t sell their home, for whatever reason, moved into another one and has to rent the first home out. Is that you? Either way, whether you’re a landlord by choice or not – keep reading…this is for you.

I already told you, this is a chance for you to get your house rented and even sold without dealing with typical landlord issues, Realtors® or property managers or even paying commissions to anyone. What I didn’t tell you is that no one touches your rent spread. You can get fair market for your home and work on your own terms. You make no binding commitments to us for our help. Plus, we’ll do all the work for you – you don’t have to lift a finger. Okay, where’s the catch?

Here’s the deal

We own a bunch of homes in Clarksville and often we sell them with owner-financing to people who are close, but not quite ready for the traditional route. We are continually on the hunt to buy more houses (as fast as we can anyway).

When we do find a good deal, we don’t want it sitting on the market, so we are always marketing to attract new Tenant-buyers. As a result our phones ring constantly – I guess we’re really good marketers.

Sometimes, our marketing effort to attract Tenant-buyers out-paces our acquisition effort, so we look for other options to place these stable and qualified people in good homes in nice neighborhoods quickly.

To do that, we contact people who have homes for rent and landlord real-estate-investor-types to see if they want one of our overflow Tenant-buyers to occupy their home. These Tenant-buyers pay down the homeowner’s mortgage (just like a renter) and eventually (in a couple years) cash out the home by getting a loan from a bank. When this happens the landlord (now the seller) makes a nice profit.

So far doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Have you had much experience with average renters?

We have. It’s often a big headache. Imagine having 70 homes in Clarksville right now… we don’t just rent them. We’ll sell our homes on a rent-to-own or lease-purchase arrangement. We tend to get a better tenant – when they feel like they’re buying the home and that saves us a lot of money on aspirin.

Unless you don’t mind bad excuses and plunging toilets at 3am, we recommend NOT renting your home. We recommend selling your home Rent-to-Own.

I reached out to you to see if you would consider selling your home on a lease-to-own or rent-to-own basis? Since, I have Tenant-buyers that I can’t accommodate you with right now….

In-other-words, I’ve got someone who is interested in a house just like yours. If you’d sell the house on a rent-to-own basis instead of just renting it you can have them as you Tenant-buyer?

Think about it….If the terms were right, would you consider it?

Where in the world do we find these people?

Our clients – the people that buy our homes, are mostly in the secondary market….maybe they’re first-time home buyers who for whatever reason just don’t have the credit necessary to get a loan from the bank – typically, they are good folks who maybe fall just short of the 640 mark to qualify for a traditional loan – usually due to the recent recession, but are on their way back up.

They want to buy, but can’t. They don’t want to throw away money on rent either. So, they find us (or we find them) we qualify them and place them in one of our homes while they repair their credit and finish putting their down payment money in order. If we don’t have something available we call other landlords who have a house for rent…that’s you.

After a couple of years, the Tenant-buyer goes to the bank and cashes us out.

Right now, this program is very popular and we are having trouble keeping up.

Right now, we have a few Tenant-buyers who are ready to go and you have a house for rent.

La-la Land and the Greater-fool Theory

I know you’re not this person: Remember the “real estate rush” a few years ago when anyone that could fog-a-mirror could get financed for a home? For those few years there were a lot of ‘fools’ (millions) who got taken to the cleaners by greedy bankers, brokers and agents out to make a quick-gazillion-bucks. The demand artificially drove up prices leading to a big bubble that ultimately burst – the rest is…. well you know…

The sad part is someone has to pay for all those ‘mistakes’. Who do you think it is? All the culprits got bailed out – remember? Ahemm.

When a person who paid too-much for their home tries to sell it a short time after, they’ll find it nearly impossible to do without coming out of pocket thousands of dollars.

Couple this with the fact that some of these well-to-do homeowner’s think their just-like-everyone-else’s home is special and justifies a higher price….maybe the birds chirp just right on the back deck or the wind-chime sounds so pretty in the breeze, or the way it’s painted is so fabulous….or some other all-emotional sob-story that sends the homeowner ever further down the river towards La-la Land.

The wake-up call: When all the other listed homes in the area get snagged up for $10,000 less and their’s is sitting stale on the market a heart-breaking 145 days later, plus the homeowner is now carrying 2 mortgages – the heat is on!

Don’t worry, they’ve got choices – right?

After they throw out all the really bad ideas like letting the house go-back to the bank, insurance fraud or out-right abandonment, it’s time to come back to reality.

Dave Ramsey would give this person two options:

1. To price it where it’ll sell and come out of pocket the 10K to make it “go away”.

2. Rent the home at or above the Total Payment (PITI).

Since most people can’t or won’t come off the 10 grand, they chose to rent it right? Congratulations, they’ve just became a landlord by default. It is literally the second-smartest thing you can do.

You’ve Got options!

But, wait! There are even more than 2 options. If the only way to not lose money on the deal is to hold on to the house, don’t think for a second that has to be a bad thing. Why not have your cake and eat it too? I bet you didn’t know you could – did you?

What I propose is you let me show the house to a couple of my more qualified buyers and see if we can put them in your house….it doesn’t cost you anything… the Tenant-buyer pays us for finding them a house and you get the first month’s rent and a security deposit, plus a stable Tenant-buyer. A Tenant-buyer is going to take better care of your property while they’re paying down your mortgage….and in couple of years when they go to bank they’ll cash you out and you’ll make a great profit.

Now that you know a little more, is this something you might consider? If so, fill out the form. If not, just click away – no harm, no foul.

Since you’re still here, you should know…we have a lot of experience at this….we’ll handle all the paperwork…we can use your forms of ours – either way is fine. Here is the form we use to get started.

All we have to do is a one-page authorization form – that is non-binding for you … it’s very painless…. most people fill it out right online…Next, with your permission, we stick sign in front of the house and put a lock box on the door, because we need to show it.

It’s all pretty simple.

The online form you complete just means that you can carry on just like you are right now, looking for a tenant and if you find one…. well, then we’re out of the picture – no harm no foul – no money out of pocket.

If you have more questions, (which if you’ve gotten to this point, I’m sure you do) fill out the form on the right and I’ll give you a call to discuss it.

Here’s the link again Get Started.

What is Rent-to-own or Lease-purchase?

Some people are unfamiliar with this kind of real estate deal: It’s just like having a renter, but with 2 big exceptions…

1. You don’t have to do repairs or maintenance on the home – the tenant is responsible for most of that….and since they feel like they are buying the home they take much better care of it.

2. If the tenant does end up getting financed by the bank somewhere in the future, then you get to sell the home at a price you choose – with no haggling….if not, then you have a stable person taking great care of the property – paying down the mortgage for you.

A big part of our business is built around that.

Once you agreed…the tenant puts down a little earnest money…we peel off the first months rent and the security deposit if you need one….that goes to you – before they move in.

We do not take money out of the rent on a monthly basis.

This opportunity doesn’t cost you dime.

So, fill out the form and lets talk about it more.


Dan Harvey
Acquisition Specialist
Liberty Home Buyers INC
Office: (931) 906-7513