Seller Financing

For anyone thinking that their only choice is to rent their house out because you either can’t sell it, or it would cost you too much out of pocket to sell… then this is a great opportunity to solve your problem and get a fair price for your home to boot.

Because you’re making it easy for us to buy your home, this allows us to offer you the highest price we can give you as investors for your home.

Seller financing is created with a written agreement between you the seller(s) and us the buyers. We will both agree to terms, price and time frame. Then we put it into a contract that binds us together for our mutual benefits.

Chances are we don’t even need to change the financing that you have in place already. We may be able to show you how using the loan you have now will fetch you the highest price we can give you for your home. And we’ll do it in a way that protects your credit, and your history with the mortgage company.

If you don’t want to rent out your home or have to work with a property manager, then this is for you!

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