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You may want to keep your home for whatever reason. We can put it on the market as a rental. We have an ever-growing list of people who’d like to rent your home on a “rent-to-own basis” or what is sometimes called a “lease purchase.”

This means they’d be renting your home with a standard one-year lease with the option to buy your home at a price you set. Want to get full market value for your home with no contingencies… then this is the way to go.

Want to get full market value for your home with no contingencies?... Then this is the way to go.

This happens to be the number one way we work with our own homes, offering them on a rent-to-own basis to help families.

Big Benefits to You…

• Tenant(s) will do all the repairs so you don’t have to.

• No Property Manager needed… You won’t need to spend 6% - 10% of your monthly rent payment for someone to manage your property. You can put the extra money, (rent spread), you get over your mortgage payment into savings. This will cover you for future “what if’s”, such as fixing or selling the house in the later on. It would be your forced savings plan to deal with the house later. We’ll share with you more tips that will make this a positive experience for you and the rent-to-own tenant.

• If your tenant moves out, and many do, we can help you find another tenant. We’ll be your “boots on the ground” so you don’t have to come back to Clarksville to check on the condition of your home.

• We do all the work checking out the applicants thoroughly to let you know their financial condition. Then we’ll introduce you to them. If you agree that we found you a great person or family to work with… then you’d give us the thumbs up, and we’ll get the paperwork done and assist you through the process. There will be a closing at our office to complete the transaction. You can always do your part by mail if needed. We will make this as hassle free as possible.

• This is a FREE Service… There’s no cost to you for us to offer this service. The tenant will pay us to cover our cost. We have more potential renters and buyers than we have houses to supply them from our inventory. So, you’d be helping us by making more homes available. Us helping you get a rent-to-own tenant won’t cost you a dime!

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